Please allow us to introduce ourselves... even though we’ve been in business for 100 years!

As pioneers in the field of roof safety, over the years Hütter has carried out countless risk inventories and roof safety analyses. We have also supplied and installed a huge number of roof safety systems for housing corporations, building managers, construction companies, many of them commissioned by and in cooperation with leading roofing companies. Our aim is therefore to provide total roof safety! So besides roof anchors and safety lines we also supply and install fencing, cage ladders and a wide range of other equipment. All products of the highest quality from reputable manufacturers. And performing inspections is another important day-to-day activity for Hütter.

As you would expect, safety is a top priority in the Hütter organisation. We feel very strongly about the safety of our products, installation activities and services. We have proven that over the past 100 years and we will continue to do so!

Several years ago, we also started developing and producing our own roof anchors. That began with the development, production and delivery of the Fasi Bodyguard. And now we are introducing a new line of products, the Scope Multi. Innovative products that we have developed and tested on the basis of practical experience. We have thought of everything – from durability and user-friendliness to clearly understandable installation methods and excellent water-resistant features. And we also paid close attention to functionality and competitive prices while developing our new line of Scope Multi products! Because the ultimate price of every project is extremely important!

Hütter : proud to be a roof safety professional!


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