Horizontal Line System
After the production and successful marketing of the Scope Multi as a single anchor point, the next logical step was to develop a dynamic post.

The conical shape of the Scope Multi DP guarantees improved performance: it prevents the end points and corner points from bending due to the pre-consolidation stress of the line system. This is a familiar problem with almost all the flexible line systems on the market.

We installed a force damping system in the cone. This internal damper absorbs the forces through friction and deformation. During a fall, the cone deforms and the damping system goes into operation. Moreover, the cone tips almost horizontally in order to reduce the sideward forces. The base plate and the fastening bolts at the base ensure that the remaining fall forces are absorbed.

What are the main features of the Scope Multi DP?:

• Can be used as a single anchor post (2 persons) and as
a post for a line system

• Tested according to EN795 A1 and C

• After installation and before inspection, a tensile test in
compliance with EN795 can be conducted

• The distance in metres between two or more Scope Multi
DP’s is calculated according to the roof base, the number
of users and the absorbent capacity of the Scope Multi

• A patent application has been submitted for the Scope
Multi DP; its shape and damping system are unique

• The conical shape does not buckle during the
pre-consolidation stress of the permanent safety line

• The base plate is covered with roofing material and is
therefore waterproof

• The cone is fastened to the base plate using a special

• The product is available in a luminous red colour

• The anchor eye can be rotated 360 degrees

• Supplied with a unique engraved number

• Also available with a special base plate model for aerated

• The Scope Multi DP is economically priced.

• Anchor eye swivels 360 degrees

• Fairly priced

• Patent pending


Leaflet Scope Multi (EN)
Scope Multi (EN)

Scope Multi DP 3D view Scope Multi DP 3D view  
3D view of the Scope Multi Dynamic Post

Scope Multi Intermediate Scope Multi Endpoint Scope Multi Intermediate 45°
A impression from the new Scope Multi DP line system

Scope Multi

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